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Dr. Daniel KellerJanuary 11, 2014
Why are we both good and bad at multitasking? | OSU

An interactive session led by Dr. Daniel Keller

Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University at Newark

This KTU event will be held at OSU.

Multitasking seems easy and natural. We have laptops, iPads, and cell phones that are designed to help us multitask. So, why can we multitask well in some situations, but not others? Why can you talk on your cell phone while walking, but lose track of where you're walking while texting? Why can you listen to music and send a text to a friend while doing certain kinds of homework, but not others? Let's explore these questions and figure out when multitasking can be either effective or a really bad idea.

Dr. Daniel Keller is an Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University at Newark, where he teaches composition, digital media, and literacy studies. He is particularly interested in how we read with various technologies and how we manage our attention in a time of information overload. His book "Chasing Literacy: Reading and Writing in an Age of Acceleration" was published by Utah State University Press. His work has also appeared in The Writing Center Journal, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and edited collections on digital literacy. He earned his PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville.

Laboratory Experience- students will be divided into 5 groups by age for an interactive science lab experience based on the topic of the day. Research scientists and college student volunteers will be leading the experience.