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Dr. Heather J. RhodesMarch 05, 2016
What is your brain doing RIGHT NOW? | Denison University

An interactive session led by Dr. Heather J. Rhodes

Associate Professor, Neurophysiologist, Department of Biology and Neuroscience at Denison University

That lumpy gray thing inside your skull is pretty awesome. We’re going to use our brains to learn about our brains. What are brains made of? How do they work? How do they learn, grow, and change as we get older? We’ll explore all that and we’ll TOUCH REAL BRAINS at this super-smarty, electrically charged, Kids’ Tech University program.

Dr. Heather Rhodes earned her B.S. from University of California, San Diego in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, then she earned her Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Duke University. She has studied a lot of math, chemistry, physics and biology so that she can work to understand cool things about how the brain works. She has worked on highly varied research topics over the years, including studying brain changes associates with autism and trying to understand how the brain processes basic visual information. She is currently interested in understanding how the brain commands social and reproductive behavior in frogs. She is also passionate about the importance of science education for our society.

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