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Dr. Nestor MatthewsFebruary 08, 2014
How fast is your visual system? | Denison

An interactive session led by Dr. Nestor Matthews

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Neuroscience Program Coordinator, Denison University

This KTU event will be held at Denison.

Suppose you want to build a camera. How would you begin? One approach would be to think about different possible cameras and create their blue prints, “from scratch”. You might then build a camera from the blue print that seems most promising. A different approach would be to examine one of the amazing “cameras” already built by nature.  If you could figure out its blueprint, you might then experiment with modifications to achieve an even better camera. During our session, we will examine the blue print for the “camera” that allows you to read this sentence -the human eye! In a hands-on laboratory experiment, we will use computers to measure the speed of your eye-brain system. Our results may help us to develop exercises that enable your visual system to respond more quickly. That is, maybe we will be able to build a better “camera”…inside your head!

Dr. Nestor Matthews is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Neuroscience Program Coordinator at Denison University. He and his students conduct experiments on human vision, with an emphasis on how visual performance improves with training. He also coordinates Denison University’s annual Brain Bee for high school students, presents neuroscience tutorials for junior high school students, and has voiced audiobooks for the Society for Neuroscience and the National Academy of Sciences. He is delighted to join The Works in bringing the wonders of science to people of all ages.

Laboratory Experience- students will be divided into 5 groups by age for an interactive science lab experience based on the topic of the day. Research scientists and college student volunteers will be leading the experience.