Past KTU Programs - Kids' Tech University (KTU) at Ohio
Dr. Jolanta JaniszewskiJanuary 14, 2017
How do engineers work with solar and wind power?

An interactive session led by Dr. Jolanta Janiszewski

Lecturer, Department of Engineering at The Ohio State University - Newark

Are you curious to see how much power is produced by a wind turbine or a solar panel? If you live in a sunny location like Arizona, a large amount of the power that is consumed by the home could come from solar panels. Likewise, if you live in Colorado the power for your home may come from wind turbine farms. In either case, the sun or the wind that are used to produce the power are renewable, and easily available. Did you know that both the solar panels and the wind turbines get dirty and need regular cleaning to operate efficiently? Do you think you can predict how the particles will accumulate on a wind turbine blade? The use of solar energy and wind energy is on the rise. Learn how a solar panel or a wind turbine works. See if shape of the panel surface or of the blade makes a difference on how much power can be generated. Dr. Janiszewska is an aeronautical engineer. She has worked in experimental aerodynamics for many years. Dr. Janiszewska ran a number of research programs for the OSU Aeronautical Center. Both subsonic and supersonic experiments required scale models of airplanes or wind turbine blades which were tested in different wind tunnels. She is currently teaching the 1st year engineering program at OSU.
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