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Dr. Karen GoodellJanuary 23, 2016
How do bees help food get to your table? | The Ohio State University - Newark

An interactive session led by Dr. Karen Goodell

Associate Professor of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Ohio State University Newark

I think we can all agree that the world would be a sad and difficult place without the foods we love and without flowers and plants. For those comforts, we have bees to thank. Perhaps you already know that bees make it possible for many plants to reproduce and that flowers are specially evolved to interact with bees. Did you also know that bees are responsible for about 1 in every three bites of food you eat? We often think of honey bees as the primary pollinators of flowers, but those large colonies of female workers that harbor a mysterious queen are only one of over 20,000 species of bees in the world. Learn about the diversity of the bees native to Ohio, how they contribute to our environment, and how ecologists go about studying their populations. Through lectures, discussions, and activities, we will learn about bees’ habitat requirements and what you can do to promote these important insects in your own yards. We will also learn how ecologists study whole bee communities, using some of the same analysis tools used in ecological research today.

Dr. Goodell is an ecologist who studies the interactions between plants and insects. Her research focusses on the population and community ecology of native bees. She has investigated factors influencing the population dynamics of native bee species, including invasive species and parasites. She has examined the role of native bees in the pollination of crop plants, such as apple and pumpkin. Her current work investigates the influence of native prairie habitat restoration on reclaimed mines on native bees. Dr. Goodell is currently conducting field research at The Wilds. Dr. Goodell has published in scholarly journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Oecologia, Invasion Biology, Restoration Ecology, and Journal of Ecology. She has received grants from the National Science Foundation and the USDA. She is currently funded by the Ohio EPA and the OSU Newark Outreach and Engagement office to develop a pollinator display at The Wilds and support the educational programming on pollinator conservation.

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