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Dr. Anna DavisApril 09, 2016
How can a flat computer screen make you feel like you are in a 3D environment? | The Works

An interactive session led by Dr. Anna Davis

Ohio Dominican University

Have you ever wondered how the graphics in some computer games appear three-dimensional? To make video games appear realistic, video game designers employ the rules of correct perspective drawing. The tradition of making images appear realistic and three-dimensional goes back over 600 years to the Italian Renaissance. You may think that artists, like Leonardo Da Vinci, learned the rules of perspective drawing by careful observation and practice. While observation and practice are crucial to an artist’s success, the principles and techniques of correct perspective drawing come to us from mathematics. Today, sophisticated mathematical algorithms allow computers to generate three-dimensional virtual reality environments that make us feel like we are part of the action on the screen. In this hands-on activity we will learn several tricks for creating and viewing images that use correct perspective constructions.

Dr. Anna Davis received her Ph.D. in Mathematics in the area of Geometric Topology from the University of Kentucky. In addition to topology, Dr. Davis is interested in cognitive psychology, connections between mathematics and art, and effective uses of technology in the classroom.

Her publications include an article on mathematics of perspective drawing that appeared in Mathematics Teacher. In addition, she has conducted student and teacher workshops on mathematics of visual perspective. She enjoys involving students in her research activities.

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